Access to Documents


WhistleBlower Jeff Morris has Hit the Nail on the Head

In Jeff's submission to the Senate inquiry into Access to Justice, Jeff stated that "The Legal System is really a Paperchase - the Quest for the Documents".

This is the first problem any victim of serious misconduct by a financial service provider faces, especially when the Big Banks and their well resourced legal departments are involved..

ASIC Refuse to Enforce Existing Laws

The right of access to documents varies depending on the nature of the dispute, something that AFCA is eager to conceal from Complainants.

In superannuation disputes, fund members and beneficiaries, already have a legal right to most 'fund documents' and it is already a criminal offence to conceal 'prescribed' documents from fund members and beneficiaries.

However ASIC point bank refuses to enforce these important laws when $2.7 Trillion is now held on trust by superannuation fund trustees..

Read Jeff's Submission

The submission of Jeff Morris (Number 142) can be found here: