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Bank Warriors are a diverse group of people from around Australia, who share one thing in common – they have been unfairly treated by some of Australia’s largest financial institutions to such an extent that their lives have been turned into a living nightmare.

Australians should have trust in our financial institutions and they should expect to be treated honestly and fairly when they do find themselves in dispute with financial service providers.

Some disputes are complex and resolution can be protracted, and in these cases the aggrieve customers should be able to have access to expert legal advice and assistance in order to bring the dispute to finality.

Bank Warriors have been actively lobbying politicians and appearing at the Annual General Meetings of major financial institutions, as well as a Parliamentary inquires so that they can relate the experiences of not only their own dealings with these institutions, but of the experiences of many others as well.

Bank Warriors are seeking to gain broader acceptance of the need for financial service providers to be “Model Litigants” throughout the dispute resolution process as well as in those cases that are dealt with by the Courts. 

Bank Warriors are also seeking to gain broader acceptance of the need for “Equality of Arms” when customers are facing complex and protracted financial disputes and where access to legal expertise is necessary. 

These are the two current workstreams with more in the planning stage.

Craig Caulfield is leading the “Model Litigant” workstream:

Contact Craig: 

Mobile:         0423-925-441


Michael Sanderson is leading the “Equality of Arms” workstream.

Contact Michael: 

Mobile:        0421- 176-997


Postal:        PO Box 6 Katamatite Victoria 3649

For media or general inquiries please contact our Media Liaison Manager at:

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A range of subject papers have been prepared by workstream leaders that are available for anyone who is interested in learning more about Bank Warrior activites

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